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Welcome to PreppersWarehouse

PreppersWarehouse is dedicated to making emergency and disaster preparedness simple and reasonable for you and your family. We consider your wellbeing and security to be of the upmost importance.

PreppersWarehouse provides high quality Survival KitEmergency KitDisaster KitEmergency Food, Long Term Food StorageFirst Aid Kits, and Emergency Preparedness Supplies. These emergency preparedness kits and disaster supplies will keep you safe in any disaster such as floods, hurricanes, flu, blackouts, earthquakes, fires, and other related emergencies.

Because you may not get help instantly after a major disaster or emergency occurs, the United States Government has recommended that you plan to be self sufficient in case of a major emergency or a disaster. Being protected in an unsure world implies preparing for the possibility of not having things taken for granted daily. This implies having emergency supplies that offer some basic emergency needs, including emergency water, survival kits, survival supplies, emergency kits, trauma kits, survival kits for kids, and basic survival kits. Additionally, our emergency and survival kits can be needed in your home, each car you drive, for all of your kids at school, and for you and your spouse at work. We have various selections of our kits for different locations. The home kits are made to be sturdy pails, the car kits are produced to be lightweight, the school kits are produced in lunchbox sized bags, and for work, it fits your desk drawer.

At PrepperWarehouse, we offer a wide range of emergency preparedness products at the best prices in this industry from the most trusted and popular manufacturers like Guardian Survival Gear, Wise Foods, MayDay Industries, Elite First Aid, Emergency Zone, The Ready Project, Kelly Kettle, Fox Outdoors, EMI, and QuakeKare.

In order to keep you always prepared, we constantly upgrade our inventory of emergency kits to get you prepared at all times. Additionally, PrepperWarehouse offers one of the most competitive prices on the internet without compromising the quality or level of awesome service provided. Our priority is your maximum satisfaction. If you cannot find what you are need, you can send us an email, we can provide you with your custom needs. If you represent a group or organization looking to purchase large quantities, you can contact our sales department for a volume price quote at: sales@prepperswarehouse.com. We accept all major types of credit cards, debit cards, purchase orders, and PayPal. We deliver as quickly as possible, either within the day of purchase or maximum of five business days once we receive your payment.

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We are always available to attend to you at every hour of the day. Whether you need to ask any questions or concerns, our friendly and intelligent customer support team is willing and ready to address your worries and answer your questions. Call us today.

At PreppersWarehouse, we want to hear from you. Your feedback on the successful completion of your order and delivery is important to us including what you love about our emergency kits and supplies as well as the services we provided, we would also love to know the areas where we need improvement. We have successfully sold and delivered to hundreds of customers, and we still want to earn your referral.

From the beginning of your purchase to the delivery, you will always have a feel of why PreppersWarehouse is your best choice for survival, emergency, and disaster supplies and kits for many homes and businesses in the United States.

Check out our Disaster Information section for FREE information and checklists from FEMA, Red Cross, and other government and private agencies.

Price Match Guarantee; if you find a current price on an identical product, same count size, volume or quantity, in stock from any other online retailer, we will match the price on an existing order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 253-666-8977 or send us an email via our contact page.