Emergency Zone Deluxe Survival Bottle

The Emergency Zone Survival Bottle is the perfect inexpensive emergency kit. Stored in a one Litre Lexan bottle, it includes basic supplies for emergencies, disasters or evacuations. Great for the house, car, boat, camper, locker or office.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communication:
Emergency Poncho 9 LED Flashlight with Batteries
  Light Stick
Shelter and Warmth:  
Reflective Blanket Tools:
  5 N 1 Survival Whistle
Food and Water: Multi Tool Pliers
1 Litre Tristan Water Bottle Carabineer
  1 Gallon Zip Lock Bag
  Waterproof Document Container
  First Aid:
  53 Piece First Aid Kit
  Weight - 1.81 lbs.
Price: $26.99


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