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Survival training can be required when you least expect it. For instance, what if you get lost in the wilderness during your camping trip? Or what about the tsunami that caused such devastation and loss in Thailand back in 2004?  How would you survive these situations and could you actually do what is needed to in order to come through such an ordeal?

The problem is we never think about using survival techniques such as building a fire without matches or obtaining safe water to drink while being out in the woods. However, natural disasters can strike any time and deprive people of electricity and everything else we take for granted and assume will always be around to get us through each day.

But if you want to survive, you need to think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected – this means familiarizing yourself with the dos and do nots of a wilderness or crisis situations. Even though you never anticipate being stranded or lost with family members or friends, you need to be aware that it could happen. That is why you need a survival manual.

Whether you are lost in the wilderness on a hike or you are caught in the middle of a natural disaster, the conditions are the same. You have to rely on your own instinct and skills to get through it. A survival handbook offers great tips, wilderness skills, survival gear list you should have handy, and many other useful pointers.

We have compiled an extensive inventory of the best survival books so you can learn from what others experienced and the solutions they improvised during tough emergency situations. Books on survival include topics such as emergency preparedness, growing and preserving food, homesteading, medical assistance, and many other focuses. A survival guide book helps you to proceed properly, avoid mistakes, and steer clear from dangerous outcomes.

Knowledge is power and information is the key to creating your emergency preparedness plan. It is imperative for you to invest at least a few hours to learn as many primary survival skills as possible such as fire building, finding water, creating shelter, knowing medicinal qualities of plants, finding food and preparing meals with just the most basic of tools, and so on. Once you start reading these books, you will become more self sufficient in the event of disasters or crisis situations. You never know when basic training could end up saving your life, as well as those of your loved ones.  We highly recommend building your emergency preparedness library in case the internet goes down for any reason.

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