4 Person Quake Kare Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit

A four person, 72 hour survival kit designed to prepare a family of four at home for any disaster. This comprehensive emergency survival kit contains the most effective and reliable emergency preparedness supplies to store at home including food, water, lighting, radio, communication, first aid, sanitation, and shelter. Includes a Solar Hand Crank Powered Flashlight, Weather Band Radio, and USB Device Charger that never needs batteries. Designed to charge smartphones and other USB devices so you can stay in touch with family in the event of a disaster.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communication:
5 Gallon Bucket Container Solar/Hand Crank Powered Light and Radio
4 - Emergency Poncho 4 - Out of State Contact Card
4 - Dust Mask 3 - Light Stick
Pair of Vinyl Gloves  
Pair of Work Gloves Tools:
  5 - Candles
Shelter and Warmth: 50 - Waterproof Matches
4 - Emergency Blanket Can Opener
Emergency Tent Roll of Duct Tape
  Plastic Sheeting
Food and Water: Safety Whistle
4 - ER Food Bars Swiss Army Style Knife
12 - ER Water Boxes Multi Function Utility Tool
  Nylon Utility Cord
First Aid:: Survival Guide Book
Medium Sized First Aid Kit  
200 - Potassium Iodate Pill Hygiene and Sanitation:
  50 - Water Purification Tablet
  12 - Toilet Liner
  Toilet Chemical
  4 - Tissue Pack
  Snap on Toilet Seat
  Weight - 22.00 lbs.
Price: $155.99


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