5 Person Guardian Bucket Survival Kit

The Guardian Five Person Bucket Survival Kit is designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non profit preparedness organizations. This kit is designed to help five individuals survive during an unexpected disaster. All items are securely packed into a five gallon bucket, complete with a toilet seat and lid and a handle for convenient carrying.

This kit contains the following:

Food and Water: Light and Communication:
5 - Boxes of Aqua Liters 4 N 1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight
5 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar 3 LED Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight
  36 Hour Emergency Candle
Shelter and Warmth: 5 - 12 Hour Green Emergency Glow Stick
5 - Emergency Survival Blanket 5 N 1 Survival Whistle
2 - Person Tube Tent with Rope  
5 - Emergency Ponchos with Hood Tools:
  Blue Tarp
Hygiene and Sanitation: 7 1/2" Flat Pry Bar
Toilet Bags with Chemicals 16 Function Knife
5 - Hygiene Kits Pair Leather Palm Work Gloves
5 - Pocket Tissue Pack Roll Duct Tape
Air Freshener 5 - N 95 Respirator Dust Mask
50 - Water Purification Tablets Safety Goggles
  Sewing Kit
First Aid: Box of Waterproof Matches
2 - Guardian 57 Piece Deluxe First Aid Kit  
  Playing Cards
  Weight - 26.00 lbs.
Price: $134.99


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