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The CERT supplies and outfits needed to start and promote your Community Emergency Response Team are right here for you. You get CERT gears, training manuals, supplies, and kit right here at PreppersWarehouse. Our products are top notch and of high quality, as we feature manufacturer direct equipment, and we offer befitting discounts for you when you make purchases.

Do you need Teen CERT supplies and Campus CERT items? Then you are at the right place, as you will get the complete CERT kits here.

A university or campus is very vital in any city because it functions as a “city within a city”, and therefore, CERT programs are vital for these campuses. In light of this, we have campus CERT programs designed to function on any kind of campuses in universities or colleges. Campus CERT programs are designed to enhance and support existing capabilities, making it possible for CERT volunteers to partake in order to improve the alertness and resilience of the on campus community.

High school students need Teen CERT training because it instills in young students response and alertness skills. At a very tender age, they are practically trained to be ready and prepared for uncertainties in their community. With the newly learnt realistic leadership skills they acquire, they can be able to respond safely to emergency situations and help victims without putting themselves or others in danger. The skills they acquire will last a lifetime.

The CERT kits we have are improved by our manufacturer from time to time, giving you more value. Our current kits are developed based on the feedback our manufacturers have been getting from responders for more than 20 years. In all we do, we maintain the original standards for CERT kits, and we continue to improve the durability and performance of the CERT kit.

We have a team that is here for you at all time. Our CERT sales and customer service team is standard all always ready to attend to you before you buy from us, even after you have made your purchase. Those who bought from us are satisfied with our customer services, as our mission is to serve you. You can always give us a call to prove it.

CERT members are of great importance to the society, and we are proud of you. There are enthusiastic CERT volunteers in every state, and the CERT teams have responded to every disaster in the U.S. since the inception of the CERT program.

At PreppersWarehouse, you will get all kind of CERT starter kits you need. Don not worry about disasters, get equipped, trained and ready for them. Browse through our categories and pick what you want. Need assistance? You can always call us.

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