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Emergency Zone Childrens Kit

If you have children you know that they are the ones who will be the most affected by a disaster. They will have the hardest time if things become unsettled or unfamiliar to them. When you are planning your kits keep in mind that childrens kits need some extra thought as to the things they might need or that will make things easier for them.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communication:
Childrens Backpack Flashlight with Batteries
Childrens Poncho Light Stick
Shelter and Warmth: Tools:
Reflective Blanket Signal Whistle
Food and Water: First Aid:
4 - 400 Calorie Millennium Bar 6 - Band Aids
4 - 4.2 oz. Water Pouches  
Water Bottle Hygiene and Sanitation:
Other: Toothpaste
2 - Activity Books Soap
Crayons Comb
Notepad Washcloth
Pencil Facial Tissue
Stuffed Animal 6 - Wet Naps
  Weight - 4.55 lbs.


Price: $32.99


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