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4 Person Emergency Zone Family Prep Kit

The 4 Person Emergency Zone Family Prep Kit emergency preparedness kit is considered a mid level survival kit with enough emergency supplies to support four people for 72 hours or three days. This is the ideal emergency preparedness kit for preparing your family for an emergency. Being mobile and able to sustain and comfort your family is essential.

The contents are packed into a sturdy, easily identifiable, red backpack to provide four people with the items needed to assist in surviving a natural or man made disaster. It can also provide comfort and support during auto breaks downs, power outages or any other relevant emergency situation. It is also great support for campers, sports people, hikers and for those engaged in other outdoor activities.

This kit contains the following:

Food and Water: Shelter and Warmth:
4 - 3600 Calorie Food Ration 4 - Emergency Sleeping Bag
24 - 4.2 oz. Water Pouches 4 - Emergency Poncho
5 - Military Water Purification Packet 2 - Tube Tent
Folding Water Container 4 - Hand Warmer
Light and Communication: First Aid:
Flash Light 118 Piece First Aid Kit
AM/FM Radio  
4 - Ligth Stick Tools:
5 N 1 Survival Whistle Pair Work Gloves
  Duct Tape
Hygiene: Multitool Knife
4 - Toothbrush GI Can Opener
Toothpaste 5mm Rope
Razor Other:
Shampoo Weatherproof Zip Bag
Soap Bar Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
2 - Feminine Pad Pencil
Washcloth Playing Card
Toilet Paper  
  Weight - 25.00 lbs.
Price: $159.99


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