Emergency Zone Stealth Tactical Bug Out Bag

The Stealth Tactical Bug Out Bag by Emergency Zone is made to sustain two people for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency. The sleek, nondescript design makes the bug out bag not stand out in a crowd like other survival kits with similar design. There are plenty of pockets to store additional survival gear if more is needed along with a two liter hydration bag for easy access to potable water. The bag is water resistant and comes with a waterproof covering assuring the contents stay dry.

This kit contains the following:

Food and Water: Shelter and Warmth:
Hydration Bladder for Backpack 2 - Heavy Duty Vinyl Poncho
2 - 3600 Calorie Food Bar Two Person Dome Tent
12 - 4.2 oz. Water Pouches 8 - Hand Warmers
10 - US Army Water Purification Packets 2 - HeatStore Reflective Sleeping Bag
Tritan Water Bottle  
2 - One Liter Folding Water Container Tools:
  GI Can Opener
Light and Communication: Multitool Pliers
Dynamo Radio Flashlight Folding Saw
LED Compact Flashlight 5 N 1 Whistle
2 - Lightstick Duct Tape
  Pair Work Gloves
Hygiene: Playing Cards
Deluxe Hygiene Kit 5mm Rope
Biohazard Bag Compass
10 - Biodegradable Toilet Liner Self Defense Key Chain
2 - Two Liter Water Bags Suvival Knife
  Weatherproof Zip Bag
First Aid: 2 - N95 Mask
Deluxe First Aid Kit  
Stethoscope Other:
  Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
  2 - Red Nylon Bags
Weight - 28.00 lbs.
Price: $249.99


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