Guardian Family Blackout Kit

The Guardian Family Blackout Kit is packed neatly into Guradians hiking backpack and is designed to keep up to four individuals safe during a blackout or emergency survival situation. Packed in the USA with highest quality standards by Guardian Survival Gear. Select from multiple bag options.

This kit contains the following:

Light and Communication: Shelter and Warmth:
Dynamo Lantern 4 - Hand/Body Warmers
2 - Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlights 4 - Emergency Sleeping Bags
Waterproof Matches  
2 - 36 Hour Emergency Candles First Aid:
2 - 12 Hour Emergency Glow Sticks Guardian 57 Piece Deluxe First Aid Kit
  Deck of Playing Cards
  Weight - 7.00 lbs.
This bag no longer has "Survival Kit" stitched on it.
Price: $66.99


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