Quake Kare Ultimate Bug Out Bag

The Quake Kare Ultimate Bug Out Bag is the most comprehensive grab and go bag on the market. This bag contains essential supplies to aid you and your family in the event of an immediate evacuation. The Bug Out Bag will fulfill needs for shelter, food, water, search and rescue, communication, lighting, hygiene and first aid. The Quake Kare Ultimate Bug Out Bag is durable enough for any environment. It contains food and water that can be stored in areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations such as inside a vehicle. Keep this bag in your vehicles, office or home. You are not going to want to be without this bag when disaster strikes.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communicaiton:
2 - Rain Poncho with Hood 2 - Yellow Lightstick
2 - Work Glove Solar Hand Crank Radio
2 - Dust Mask 5 N 1 Emergency Survival Whistle
2 - Vinyl Glove  
Heavy Duty Backpack Shelter and Warmth:
  2 - Thermal Blanket
Tools: 2 - Thermal Survival Sleeping Bag
Telescopic Cup  
Water Storage Bag Hygiene and Sanitation:
Fold a Stove Water Purification Tablets
Survival Can 2 - Instant Toothbrush
Firestarter No Rinse Shampoo
2 - Waterproof Matches No Rinse Bodywash
Rope 2 - Compact Wash Cloth
Multi Purpose Hammer Tool 2 - Tissue Pack
Tri Fold Shovel Insect Repellent
  2 - Sanitary Napkins
First Aid: 6 - SPF 30 Sunscreen Packet
Four Person Fist Aid Kit  
Blood Stopper Dressing Food and Water:
First Aid Guide 2 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar
  2 - Self Heating MRE
  2 - 4.2 oz. Water Pouches
  Deck of Playing Cards
  Weight - 32.00 lbs.
Price: $238.99


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