Freeze Dried

When you are plunked out of normalcy into an emergency situation, the first instinct is to panic, but it is vital to keep your head clear for the next course of action. Advance preparedness will not only help you stay calm but also aid in survival. For instance, if you are stuck or lost in the woods while camping, then a few packets of freeze dried camping food will get you through the situation.

How can you ensure long term food storage?

Bulk freeze dried foods should definitely be a part of your survival food kit. These foods are prepared by a process involving freezing the food, removing most of the moisture content within a vacuum and then sealing the food in air tight storage. The technology was developed during World War II, with more improvements added at the end of the war. Freeze dried food storages can be transported at normal temperatures and consumed with minimal preparation.

What are the benefits of freeze dried food (bulk)?

  • Almost 98% of water content is removed from the food, making it extremely lightweight. Thus the foods such as freeze dried meat become all the more convenient to carry. You can put a few containers or pouches inside backpacks for overnight trips you will barely feel the weight.
  • Organic freeze dried foods are relatively clean as the dehydration process makes it virtually impossible for yeast and harmful bacteria to survive after the freezing is complete.
  • If you eat freeze dried vegetables or freeze dried chicken, rest assured the foods original flavor, color, and nutritional and dietary value is still retained. The food is maintained just as it was before the freeze dry process, just without all of the water.
  • Want to store freeze dried eggs safely until you need them? Since the size of the food is reduced while freeze drying, the amount of space required to store it is also less.
  • These foods have exceptionally long shelf lives, thus reducing food spoilage.

PreppersWarehouse brings to you some of the best freeze dried foods that take only a few minutes to prepare all you need to do is add some boiling water to it. These foods ensure you can survive amidst crises and uncertainty such as natural disasters, getting lost while hiking or camping, and so on. They taste amazing and keep your loved ones nourished and energized till the emergency is over and help arrives.

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