Fuel Storage Stabilizer

Fuel is crucial in our daily lives, especially during emergency. When you need to depend on a generator, vehicle, or other emergency equipment that requires fuel, a gas stabilizer prevents it from going bad in storage. Todays diesel fuel and regular gasolines suffer from the effects of cracking and refinery processing such that they oxidize, darken and stratify in storage in far less time than the fuels manufactured decades before. To solve this problem, there are some good gasoline stabilizer options which protect the quality of these petroleum fuels in storage.

Why is ethanol fuel treatment important?

If you consider ethanol gasoline blends, they do not last long enough in storage to darken or oxidize because they undergo phase separation long before the oxidation process can show visible effects. The ethanol portion of the fuel attracts water from the environment and absorbs it. At some point, the fuel absorbs more water than its ability to hold, and the water and alcohol drops out of solution and sinks to the bottom of the tank. The formerly homogenous fuel blend is now a broken combination of poor quality gas on top and water and alcohol on the bottom. 

How can a gasoline fuel stabilizer help?

In addition to helping the ethanol blend better handle water, a good stabilizer can also help prevent ethanol related corrosion. The water pulled in by the ethanol fuel is an important link to corrosion of storage surfaces. If the ethanol stabilizer you choose really can help the fuel control water, it is going to help alleviate corrosion normally associated with ethanol blends.

What is considered a good gas stabilizer?

The treat rate of the ethanol gas treatment needs to be economical, while ensuring the additive has enough active ingredients to perform effectively. The lower the treat rate, the less space there is to have active ingredients that work. Phase separation needs to be done without alcohol. Cheap fuel stabilizers use alcohol in their formulation because it gives the appearance of absorbing water, but only in the short term. A good gas stabilizer should be able to ward off phase separation without the use of alcohol.

At PreppersWarehouse, we stock the best fuel stabilizers from well known brands. For instance, we have PRI fuel stabilizer that can keep fuel fresh for up to 24 months during storage, and guarantees quick, easy starts after that. So whether you are looking for a marine fuel stabilizer or fuel stabilizer for cars, everything is available right here.

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