PRI-G Fuel Stabilizer

Emergency power is a critical lifeline when disaster strikes. But experience has shown that the fuel stored to operate the emergency power units is too often neglected. Fuel quality can quickly deteriorate and fuel can become unusable when stored for months and years at a time. When called upon during a disaster or emergency, this degraded fuel will disable engines plugging filtration systems, damaging engine components with excessive carbon and in some cases refusing to ignite.

This neglect of stored fuel is one of the weakest links in disaster preparedness. It is estimated that more than one half of the power generator failures that occur in emergencies can be directly attributed to fuel degradation.

Power Research Inc. is the industry leader in preserving fuel integrity for emergency power systems. PRI-G enjoy widespread application by operators of data facilities, hospitals, office buildings, fire departments, radio and television stations, cell phone sites, and even standby generators at nuclear power plants. With PRI-G, operators of emergency generators can be assured of smooth, quick start ups and continued, uninterrupted operation when it is most critically needed.

These same chemistries are available in consumer packaged sizes, by simply applying a small amount of PRI-G for gasoline at the time of storing; the fuel will remain refinery fresh and stable. This freshness will hold for months, even years. With periodic treating of the fuel, it will remain fresh indefinitely. PRI-Gs industrial strength, enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts with fuel upon contact and also contains no harmful alcohol, conforming to engine manufacturers requirements for gasoline stability treatment for E10.

PRI-G is a super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves all types of gasoline blends, including reformulated gasoline and ethanol blended gasoline, enabling your fuel to perform to maximum potential.

This stored fuel can be preserved and insured against such deterioration and performance failure. The solution is application of industrial grade PRI-G for gasoline, to the stored fuel. MSDS available upon request.

Weight - 1.00 lbs.

Price: $25.99


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