Gluten Free

Emergencies and natural disasters occur without warning, so you need to be prepared accordingly. Keep an emergency food and water kit handy for such situations. For those with wheat allergies or celiac disease, emergency food (gluten free) is a must have in their survival kit.

Is advanced preparation is needed?

Gluten free survival food can be required any time. You might get separated from your group while camping, trekking, or hiking or a severe storm could cut you off from the rest of the world. Just as you would save money for emergencies, having gluten free emergency kits is just as important in the event of a catastrophe where food is difficult (or impossible) to get.

Top quality gluten free food.

When it comes to items such as gluten free freeze dried food, we do not compromise on quality. The purpose for creating a gluten free emergency food supply is to ensure the items are wholesome, pure, and tasty. During this time, it is necessary that your loved ones get nutritious meals prepared with the best ingredients so they remain strong and energized till the crisis is over.

Is gluten free emergency food wholesome and long lasting?

We can vouch that our gluten free emergency food kits such as Wise emergency food is free from pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals. They are also low in sodium and do not contain preservatives, colors, artificial flavors, genetically modified contents (GMO) or MSG. Thus they are perfectly safe for you and your family. The high quality foods can be stored for a long time, till you require them in fact, they can last as long as 25 years. These items are suitable for long term food storage the packaging is done carefully so that moisture and oxygen does not affect the quality, so their shelf life is extended.

What we can do?

Apart from offering a wide array of freeze dried and dehydrated meats, fruits, and vegetables, PreppersWarehouse also offers a line of bulk emergency food that is 100% gluten free. We have great choices for vegan emergency food as well. It is really easy to prepare such foods too just add some water and the meal is ready in a few minutes. You get the same nutrition as in the case of the original food item, while taste and flavor is same too.

Our goal is to provide you with the best of gluten free foods that meet your requirements. The manufactures we retail take utmost care during processing so there is no risk of contamination.

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