Heater Meals

No one likes to consider the possibility of requiring emergency supplies but being prepared is the only way to survive such situations. Self heating meals are the best option when the utilities are out and you are cut off from the rest off the world.

Why do you need heater meals?

It is a grueling experience if you are holed up in a home or shelter as you wait for help to arrive. But can you really wait it out that long? Do you have enough food and water available? What happens if the power goes out? That is why it is recommended you have a heater meal or MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) case prepared in advance so there are no food shortages during this period.

Benefits of Meals Ready to Eat

Heater meals are the ideal solution for those stuck in emergency situations. The concept of MREs was originally introduced for use by military personnel, but civilian MREs are available too, which has granted us a plethora of benefits:

  • They have a long shelf life up to 5 years if stored in the right conditions ensure the self heating food packs are kept dry and at cool temperatures.
  • Each package of an MRE is a complete meal including a main dish, side dish, dessert, bread or crackers and a spread. You also get a beverage mix, coffee and other accessory items. There is a wide range of options to choose from.
  • On an average a self-heating, meals ready to eat pack gives you 1200 calories, so you can prepare the emergency kit as per the calorie intake of each individual in your family.
  • They come with their own water source, so you do not have to add any water.

How do you warm the food without utilities?

Yes, that is a very good question. If you are stuck in the wilderness or waiting at home with no electricity, how can you heat up an MRE pack? That is why each self heating package includes a flameless ration heater. It is activated by a little water, so you can still enjoy a hot meal even if there is no heat source available. The MRE heater does not release any toxic fumes so your safety is not compromised.

We store self heating food packs from that combine patented heating technology, traditional canning and home style cooking such as Heater Meals 3 and Heater Meals Ex. With the advent of excessive global warming and climate change, it is always better to be prepared by stocking up on emergency rations than repent later on.

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