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Quake Kare Multiple Dog Deluxe Survival Kit

Emergency dog survival kit containing emergency supplies for your special little loved ones up to two dog supply. This pet survival kit sets the industry standard for pet preparedness and contains the most effective supplies for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, lighting, first aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare your pets. Includes a supply of our very own vacuum sealed dog food with a five year shelf life.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communication:
Nylon Bag 2 - Light Stick
Shelter and Warmth: Tools:
2 - Emergency Blanket 2 - Bowl
  2 - Leash
Food and Water: 2 - Dog Toy
2 - Dog Food Packet Rope
6 - ER Water Boxes Decal
First Aid: Hygiene and Sanitation:
Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit 50 - Water Purification Tablet
  12 - Poop Bag
  Weight - 8.63 lbs.
Price: $76.99


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