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Preparedness Seeds

Have you heard of an heirloom seed vault? These are made up of survival seeds and included in emergency and disaster stockpiles. They are essentially non hybrid or non GMO seeds sans any chemical treatment. While disaster and emergency preparedness involves stocking up on food and water, it is not the only part a seed survival kit is also vital since it aids in getting ready for long term survival.

What is non GMO survival food?

As mentioned, these types of seeds are non hybrid, although some deem the hybrid counterpart to be superior due to their resistance to disease and ability to yield more produce. GMO seeds carry altered DNA to make or transform them in a super seed. However, since they are genetically and chemically altered, they tend to leave harmful effects on the body, despite being designed to last or survive extreme weather conditions.

That is why you should focus on heirloom seeds for survival purposes as they are not genetically or chemically modified, so they do not cause any unwanted side effects or affect your health. They are exposed to natural and open pollination (wind and insect pollination) and guarantee that the same type of produce is yielded every year, thus providing the sustainability required.

Opt for a survival garden

An emergency garden, survival garden or your everyday garden should have a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains for a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is greatly improved with more food groups, and saves money for your grocery and health care expenses. It also helps your sense of well being to have more choices of foods to eat.

How to store them?

These seeds come with detailed planting and cultivating instructions however, that is at a later stage, as the first step is to make an open seed vault. Rest assured, creating a survival seed vault is pretty simple. Seeds should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place this way prepper seeds will last longer, even though their shelf life is exceptionally good! When placed inside containers, the containers should be moisture proof. To store your seeds for more 10 years, you can sun dry them or use a food dehydrator to remove at least 8% of the moisture. They are harvested at the end of the growing season and utilized for the next years’ planting.

If you want the best survival seeds, then PreppersWarehouse is exactly where you should buy them from. They are an excellent addition to survival gear, so you can get easily through disasters and other emergency situations.

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