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Sanitation and Hygiene

Following a major disaster, water mains may break or plumbing may be disrupted, which puts a dent when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. For instance, a flushing toilet that we usually take for granted might be unavailable. An emergency portable toilet is a must have during this difficulty time.

Why is emergency sanitation important?

Every family should know emergency methods of waste disposal and have the necessary supplies among their survival gear. The lack of sanitation facilities following a major disaster and the failure to properly dispose of human wastes can lead to very serious problems such as typhoid, diarrhea, and dysentery. It is also important to dispose of sewage in ways that will avoid contamination of water supplies used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other household purposes. Emergency sanitation supplies should be kept handy for such unpredictable situations.

What steps can be taken?

You never know how long you may be without basic water and sanitation services so be prepared for the worse with the proper emergency toilets and sanitation and hygiene kits. Here are a few items that can be of immense use:

Portable Pump Shower

These portable pump showers are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. They are equipped with a spray and trigger action shower head that maintains a consistent water flow rate. It has a decent capacity and comes with a washable sleeve and mesh pouch for storage purposes.

Temporary Shower Room

During emergencies, privacy is the one aspect that might be compromised. Thanks to free standing rooms that can be used as shower stalls, changing rooms, or restrooms, you don’t have to feel awkward or uncomfortable. These enclosed spaces used for personal needs are fast and easy to setup, and usually include zippered doors. There is a detachable floor with mesh panel for sufficient water drainage.

Bucket Toilet

These toilet buckets come with a bucket toilet seat, for a convenient and easy emergency sanitation solution. The best part is it can be transported to any location with minimal effort thanks to the carry handle. Disposing of waste is much easier as well. A five gallon bucket toilet is useful during camping and hiking trips as well.

At PreppersWarehouse, we teach you how to build sell ready made emergency toilet kits, so your sanitation and hygiene is not compromised in any way. Whether you are looking for a five gallon bucket toilet seat, self contained camp toilet, folding toilet, or temporary shower stalls, you will find everything right here.

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