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Shelter and Warmth

Whenever we think of an emergency survival kit, the very first items that pop into our mind are food and water. But after considering those vital components, what other items should one have on hand in case of an emergency or disaster situation? Have you thought of what you would require during emergency housing? An emergency survival blanket is one of the crucial items that can provide warmth and comfort at this time. 

What is an emergency thermal blanket?

Also known as a space blanket, this item is present in almost every survival kit. Because along with dehydration, exposure is something you need to prepare for above all else. Living in our climate controlled world it is easy to forget just how brutal the elements can be to the human body. Be it heat or cold, when one is exposed to an extreme for a long duration of time without shelter or protection, it wreaks havoc upon your health. Having an emergency space blanket can literally mean the difference between life and death. Not only can it provide shade against the heat, it can keep you warm in the cold and block wind and rain.

Why do you need emergency sleeping bags?

While foil blankets serve the purpose of keeping you comfy against outdoor elements, you require proper sleeping accommodations as well that provide emergency heat. Sleeping bags will keep you protected throughout tough times as they are waterproof, windproof, and can retain most of the body heat.  They basically minimize heat loss caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection.

Are you looking for something more comfortable?

If you do not want to compromise your privacy during an emergency, opt for a compact tent cot, which creates a very comfortable off the ground sleep shelter. You can set it up within seconds so you do not have to sleep on damp or rugged ground, and it also provides protection from bugs, insects, and other pests. This item is all the more vital if you have kids or senior citizens in the family. These shelters have zippered doors for convenient access, while the collapsible frame can be folded down when not in use.

Why PreppersWarehouse?

Your home or workplace might get inhabitable in the event of a disaster, so you might have to seek shelter elsewhere before help arrives. Emergency shelter and warmth supplies such as survival blankets, sleeping bags, emergency ponchos, tarps, hand warmers, tents, cots and canopies keep you safe and protected.

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