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Survivor Industries Outdoor Support Unit

Survivor Industries, a recognized leader in emergency preparedness kits, brings you the Outdoor Support Unit.

Whether your idea of adventure includes hunting, fishing, or scaling an icy glacier, it is much easier to enjoy the great outdoors when you know you have the basics covered. Designed by a team of survival experts, this survival kit can support one person for six days or two people for three days with a complete array of medical and general supply items.

The size of this survival kit makes it a convenient travel companion that fits easily into a suitcase or car trunk.

This kit contains the following:

Clothing and Personal Gear: Light and Communication:
Carrying Case Flashlight
Pair of Work Gloves 3 - Emergency Flares
2 - Dust Mask AM/FM Radio
  12 - Candles
Shelter and Warmth:  
2 - Emergency Blanket Tools:
12 - Fire Sticks Whistle with Lanyard
  Non Glass Mirror
Food and Water Watertight Container
12 - 4.225oz Water Pouches Box of Waterproof Matches
2 - 3600 Calorie Food Bar Pliers
First Aid: Roll Duct Tape
Tweezers Survival Knife
100 - Aspirin Playing Cards
10 - Adhesive Bandages Survival Handbook
First Aid Cream Paper and Pencil Combination
Roll Adhesive Tape Nylon Rope
5 - Gauze Pads Box of Bicarbonate of Soda
2 - Tongue Depressors  
Gauze Roll Hygiene and Sanitation:
24 - Alcohol Wipes 3 - Packages Facial Tissue
10 - Moist Towelettes 6 - Bio Hazard Bag
Mouthwash 6 - Utility Bag
Scissors 6 - Packages Facial Tissue
Instant Cold Pack 50 - Water Purification Tablet
Toothache Kit 3 - Sanitary Pads
Elastic Bandage  
Splint Weight - 20.00 lbs.
24 - Anti Diarrhea Tablet  
Price: $249.99


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