Survival Kits

You never know when a natural disaster will occur or how you could get stuck in the wilderness during a camping trip. However, if you have an emergency kit with survival supplies you will already be better prepared than most people when the catastrophe takes place.

Survival packs are necessary

No one likes to entertain the thought of facing disasters and calamities. But there are high chances of being thrown into one headfirst. Services such as water, electric, gas, and telephones may be cut off, so immediate rescue might not be available. If there is an earthquake or storm, you will need an earthquake survival kit containing emergency food, water, shelter, communication, lighting, and sanitation supplies. It is great if you never need an emergency preparedness kit in your whole life, but you cannot be 100% certain, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on 72 hour kits as you do not know how long the situation will last.

Let us discuss some of the items in your emergency survival kit:

Food and Water

Meal bars can satisfy appetites and curb hunger pangs, while ensuring you are not deprived of essential nutrients. Heater meals, dehydrated food, and freeze dried food are some of the choices in his category. Water pouches are lightweight and compact, so they can be conveniently transported and consumed when required.

First Aid

First aid kit supplies during disasters are a boon. Even if you do not have much medical training, you can still help others with basics like treating cuts, changing bandages, applying gauze, and so on. Pack your emergency supplies kit with sufficient medical items beforehand.

Lighting Options

Keep hand crank flashlights and emergency radios in your survival bag so you do not have to fumble around in the dark while looking for something. The crank handle is turned to charge the device, thus eliminating the need for batteries, while radios keep you updated about weather and other news.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Emergency supplies are incomplete if you do not make arrangements for sanitation. Portable pump showers, temporary standing rooms that afford privacy, and bucket toilets, are some of the essential items in this category.

Sheltering Supplies

During or after a disaster, or if you have lost your way on an outdoor adventure, you might have to sleep on floors or rugged terrain. Keep survival blankets, sleeping bags, emergency ponchos, tarps, hand warmers, tents, cots and canopies, etc. in your survival bag, so you do not have compromise on your sleep.

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