Trauma and Triage Kits

Injuries occurred during emergencies and accidents usually leads to panic and chaos, which only serves to worsen the situation. You need to build a first aid kit in advance, but it has to be a trauma kit, which is taken to the field for treating accidents and trauma cases (mostly used by military and emergency response teams). You should be familiar with the triage system too that allows you to treat people under tough circumstances such as the absence of medical personnel or being cut off from the rest of the world during a disaster.

Why do you need triage kits?

A triage kit has numerous essential to any emergency rescue, trauma and/or medical situation. The levels of a triage unit are generally minor, delayed, immediate and morgue/deceased. Those defined as having minor injuries obviously do not need urgent help. Patients who are diagnosed as delayed can wait for transport to a hospital. Those diagnosed as immediate are taken to hospitals right away. Also included in a triage kit is a book on setting up your triage unit and how to perform common operations. It is like an emergency triage education kit so you can prepare quickly.

When are trauma kits required?

Unlike a general first aid kit, a triage kit is mobile and needs to be carried to the accident scene. A trauma kit is used for sports, hikes and adventure activities, anywhere there is a risk of accidents. Since it needs to be carried around, the kit must be light but still include all necessary equipment and supplies. For instance, burns can occur any time and could affect your health forever. They can put you in a shock if left untreated or treated improperly. Sterilized burn dressings are available in gel packets.

Military trauma kits are easily available at PreppersWarehouse and are compiled with the utmost care, so it contains all necessary supplies. EMT trauma kits should be kept ready so you can spring into action when required. The tactical trauma kits are exactly what you need if you are an EMT, first responder, firefighter, police officer, paramedic, or a prepared individual.  This lets you treat injuries using the right equipment and medicines. While the first aid supplies included cover blood stoppers, inhalants, splits, and CPR mouthpieces, a full kit also includes survival and rescue gear, it could also hold an oxygen bottle. Hurry and place your order without further delay you never know when a trauma kit is required.

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